Freemasonry Defrocked

Viciously attacked by members of the masonic fraternity as “the downside of self-publishing,” this book contains a collection of revealing documents stolen from the Masonic fraternity. It exposes the most closely held secrets of the order and includes all the details of the three regular Blue Lodge degrees, all the ritual description, signs, passwords and hand shakes. From there it addresses the higher secrets of the Royal Arch degree and the 33 degree system. Finally, it closes with a complete reprint of the active constitution of a state-wide masonic organization currently operating in the shadows of North America.

In addition to revealing these secrets, the author makes a convincing argument, using other Free-masonic documents, that the Masonic brotherhood bears direct responsibility for the mass murders committed on September 11th, 2001.

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Paperback copies of this book can be purchased here. There is also a high-resolution free PDF version (warning: almost 1GB big) on the lulu site if you want to print your own hard copy for free. The pay-what-you want link above is 143.4MB and is lower resolution for web distribution, but is still perfectly readable and printable.