Cole Harbour Father & Son Redux

“The father of one of the men who pleaded [sic] guilty in the Rehtaeh Parsons case was arrested for allegedly using a computer at a Nova Scotia Canadian Forces base to make inappropriate web comments, and edit the Wikipedia entry about the girl’s death, according to her father.” -CBC

We here at Obscene Works have recently speculated on possible nepotism in Cole Harbor between fathers and sons in the military-industrial policing complex.


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Cole Harbour: Is poor father-son police work to blame?

In our last post we asked you for your ideas about what the point of this site should be. The internet seems to be suggesting that the point is investigating the strange nature of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. This tiny place first skyrocketed to international renown when it allowed four of its young men to desecrate a young, suicidal woman to death and then abscond, first completely free and then, after facing multi-lateral scorn, completely free. Only two of the four alleged perpetrators even saw the inside of a courtroom (and then only because there was massive public outcry and real photographic evidence.) It is widely speculated that one of the boys who saw no sanction despite his involvement is the son of a police officer.

Today brings the name Cole Harbour back into the news in a possibly different manner. The same police force has announced that one boy is dead, another is in custody along with an American girl, and a fourth boy, who conspired with them all to stage a violent and bloody Valentines day massacre in a local shopping mall, has been questioned and released by police. He just happens to be a resident of Cole Harbour. Nothing to see here, he “was questioned and released without charge. He was known to police – but they would not say how. ”

Does anything link these two narratives beyond the location and the shared police force?

Only time, and perhaps a little digging, will tell.



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A call for ideas.

Now that the Rehtaeh Parsons story has pretty much wrapped up, Obscene Works is searching for a new focus.

To that end, we are asking you, our loyal readers, what you want to learn more about. We are planning to publish a series of short eBooks, but we’re at a loss as to what topics they should tackle.

What do you want to know more about?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments thread for this post.


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The Internet NEVER Forgets

There’s been a fair bit of talk online lately about something called the “right to be forgotten.” This directive from the European Parliament requires Google and other search providers to remove links to information which may be out of date, or is otherwise less-than-complimentary to the subjects involved. A process for this transaction has already been enacted, and Google is removing hundreds of links a day in response to requests from all over the globe.

The problem with this approach to information retention is that it encourages people to post stupid shit, and then believe they can remove it from the public record later by deleting it. Warren Kinsella recently provided a perfect example of this. As you may recall, he initiated Obscene Works’ involvement in the Rehtaeh Parsons investigation by publishing an ill-advised open letter to Anonymous demanding their assistance in apprehending her tormentors.

However, as soon as Anonymous published the information that he had requested, he immediately deleted the initiating post from his website, perhaps in an attempt to distance himself from the havoc he had wrought with his own ill-considered words.

Unfortunately, this occurred more than a year into the investigation, after many different parties had referred back to his post while explaining their own motivations to seek the truth. By “removing” it from the internet record, he essentially undercut the entire narrative that stemmed from his incendiary ignition.

Well, thankfully, the internet never forgets. We have maintained a complete copy of Warren’s words, as well as all the comments contributed by the community up until the day he pulled the plug. Feel free to browse it here, and do with it as you will.

Remember kids: The internet NEVER forgets.


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#YouKnowHerName Name & Shame T-shirts now available.

Pursuant to the recent revelation of Rehtaeh Parson’s accused rapists’ identities by Anonymous activists, the Gangst Bank is now selling T-shirts emblazoned with the names of both the victim and the attackers.


Warnings on the site indicated that these shirts my be illegal to wear in Canada. As the list prices confirm, these shirts are being produced for the Cafepress base rate, with zero creator markup.

You can find the women’s shirt here and the men’s shirt here. You can also access the Gangst Bank directly at for other Obscene Works related merchandise.




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