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Our latest title

We are proud to announce the release of our latest title, “Oaxaca: Cradle and Destiny of American Civilization” on Amazon’s printing platform. Please visit this link to order your copy today.

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6 ways Dudeism lost its groove.

The Big Lebowski, which the Coen brothers released in 1998, was clearly a landmark in pre-millennial cult movie-making. This rambling tale about a slacking stoner existing in a Los Angeles peopled solely by nihilists and other assholes clearly struck a … Continue reading

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TRUMPerica and the Architecture of Doom

So America is over. The capitalization is now permanently skewered to exhibit the rank behavior at the top. The gilded hand of Eighties opulence has descended upon the historically-White house, and in four years it will resemble more closely the … Continue reading

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America chooses male alleged child-rapist over female alleged child-rapist.

So it seems the fix is in. America’s throne now belongs to a powerful man who managed to make accusations that he raped a child evaporate, and not to a powerful woman who managed to make the accusations that she raped … Continue reading

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I am a straight, white, cis-male victim of the war on guns.

Hello. My name is Owen Ferguson, and if this is the first time you’ve read of me, well, you should know that I admitted to precrime and served time in jail for merely owning a legally-registered long gun. This occurred … Continue reading

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