What the Frank? Inside the Misinformation Machine: #ETERNAL_EMBARGO declared for #OpJustice4Rehtaeh. We have a full lid. Go away.


Yesterday, Andrew Douglas of Frank Magazine (owned by Parker Rudderham) claimed to have “named names” in their paywall-protected article about Rehtaeh Parsons and the four alleged rapists still roaming free in Nova Scotia.

In this case, “naming names” means republishing info already readily available on several other blogs, including Obscene
In addition to this tidbit, Douglas also identifies one of the adults who own the home where the party is said to have taken place, as well as their two minor children who were in attendance. Douglas claims to have another name that could not be confirmed.Works, about 18-year-old Kyle, who was outed by his family in the deleted Facebook support group we blogged about earlier this week.

In possession of the full Anonymous file on the suspects, we can tell you that Andrew Douglas is grasping at straws and selling sensationalism. Don’t waste $55 on the “exclusive” access for this non-story; you will be disappointed.

In the interests of  free a

nd open journalism, we have reproduced the article from behind the paywall. Like all of our work, it is available without DRM restriction as a PDF.

SORRY FOR THE BLACKOUT. AT THE ADVICE OF #OpJustice4Rehtaeh and both of her parents, we are voluntarily placing an INDEFINITE EMBARGO on all four names related to this case. Please not that this is VOLUNTARY and we reserve the right to lift at our discretion. If you didn’t get a chance to download our free PDF before the #strike, please ask your friends & social media for a copy. There are many unpaid ones out there.

Whatever you do, DO NOT visit Frank Magazine and DO NOT pay for their shit content. We have out the Canadian Lamestream Media on notice here and now. Anyone who tries to breach our EMBARGO before May 4th in any media in Canada will be EVISCERATED. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Seriously. If you want to help the girl send to coordinates for the image or secure-chain-of-custody logs of the photo meta data. We will do the remainder. obscene.works@gmail.com

Share and share alike.


We would like to take a moment to thank all our conspirators for their participation, and all you wonderful readers for your patronage.


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