Restraint is Rape Culture: #Anonymous_Canada and #OpJustice4rehtaeh EXPOSED!

“Are we to accept these glib lies like a greased and nameless asshole?” -William S. Burroughs

As most of our readership is already aware, we are currently embroiled in the messy internet activist clusterfuck known as #OpJustice4Rehtaeh. Although we’ve been trying hard to post only truthful, fully-verified information, there are many sites instead choosing to publish mere conjecture.

In this case we have had to be particularly vigilant, as many lamestream presstitutes, eager for cheap and tawdry accolades, are perfectly comfortable printing lies and half-truths to drive page hits. In the interest of free information and open presses, we were even forced to release some of our competitor’s work product for free distribution on our own site because they were trying to charge people $60 for incorrect information.

Unfortunately, when dealing with primary documents and correct sourcing, ours is the only acceptable model for new media monetization. We can’t ask you to pay for anything, but we would love it if you could Donate, or, failing that, at least participate in our ongoing ontological crusade by informing yourself of all the facts. Because we’re “journalists.” We do this for truth & justice, not for a paycheque. As pointed out before, we lose money on this site every damn day. Consider it a social service.

I, myself, have personally come under repeated attack simply for trying to do this story proper journalistic justice. I have been “threatened” by “Anonymous”, I have had my “personal information” leaked and I was #fired from the ObsceneWorks Facebook page for expressing #IWWSolidarity. Needless to say, I’m slightly peeved.

So, in order to further the public discourse on the topic of Rape Culture, and particularly that of the role internet “anonymity” plays in the media’s lack of dialog on the subject, I am hereby releasing both the chat logs and the data payload anonymous left unprotected on their unsecured server. In addition, I am releasing the complete Facebook chat log of the conversation between myself and one “Jo Mansfield,” who claims to speak on behalf of some “organization” know as “Anonymous Canada.” As the logs illustrate, they are not Canadian, not Anonymous and not really that well organized either. This is not surprising. Anonymity is an idea. “Anonymous” is merely a Stand Alone Complex, a leaderless, non-hierarchical form of occluded social resistance which has its roots in lone wolfing, Naziism’s end-game plan for resisting Allied occupation of Germany after WWII. I like to think of every Anon as another tinpot Saddam Hussein, hiding in a deep hole and issuing phantom commands to a now-imaginary army. Also, they buy so many stupid plastic masks that they’ve helped make Warner Brothers like a bazillion dollars.

We love to hear from our fans (and our detractors.) Bex is currently participating in a REDDIT Ask Me Anything (AMA) thread if you would like a quick response to your query. I am trying to post there as well, but Reddit’s architecture sucks and will only let me post every 10 minutes or 2 hours or something, so I will be going through comments on ObsceneWorks itself later today or tomorrow and answering any queries, questions or concerns raised here.

Why did I break? Well, as a “Journalist” I believe very strongly that “information wants to be free” and that those who willingly take custody of sensitive information for no reason, and then lord their privileged status over others, are simply playing with fire & hoping to get burned. I find it especially galling when other “Journalists” are publishing un-researched stories claiming that “anonymous” is somehow secure, or an organization, or even somewhat competent at what they do. Quoting “anonymous” or an “anonymous spokesperson” is akin to phoning it in, and being part of the propaganda problem, not a valid member of the 5th estate.

They are not, of course, because they are all of us, and those of us with actual names are much better at this than nameless teenagers and social misfits using anonymity to make themselves seem cooler than they are. Why, we might ask, do they specifically occlude any responsibility they may have for taking proper care of the evidence they are soliciting from members of the public?

I am publishing this piece so that I may take my apportioned responsibility for my participation in this stupidity. I have redacted all the names that should have been redacted by Anonymous when they posted all this information to an insecure, public-facing location that anyone with a web browser could find. That’s what makes us “journalists” different – we keep our important files double-backed-up on two different air-gapped hard drives, not on a fucking public TitanPad with no password. I’ll post the link to there next if anyone has gall enough to suggest that this data dump is faked. I’m not posting it now because the data posted there has not been redacted in accordance with the existing legislative framework in Canada, as my copies below have. That’s what “journalists” do.

I’m not going to bother pulling quotes from the logs for this first article on the subject, and will, instead, let the casual racism, casual homophobia and other bullshit anonymous assholes spout in “private” speak for itself.

You want the c4k3? Here it is:

AnonymousCanada OpJustice4Rehtaeh TitanPad 1 Chat Log

Name your price. $ (min $0.00)

AnonymousCanada OpJustice4Rehtaeh TitanPad 1 Data Dump

Name your price. $ (min $0.00)

AnonymousCanada OpJustice4Rehtaeh TitanPad 2 Chat Log

Name your price. $ (min $0.00)

Interview with AnonymousCanadaOnFacebook founder Jo Mansfield

Name your price. $ (min $0.00)

Ok, I know I’m supposed to be on #STRIKE so you can analyze this stuff yourself, but I thought I’d pull out one good quote to get you started (from the 2nd TitanPan):

“18:12Wolverine: I work closely with the Liberal Party

18:12Wolverine: both on the provincial and federal level

18:12Trinity: wait — we are breaking rules

18:12Wolverine: I’m involved with some excellent projects

18:12Trinity: new nicks only!!!!!!!!!!

18:12Wolverine: my name is now attached to this, it can be found easily

18:12Aquaman: word Trin

18:12Wolverine: so I’m not asking anyone else here to be this open

18:12Trinity: yup

18:12Wolverine: just need to clear some things up for you guys

18:12Wolverine: I’m working on a project on the federal level

18:12Wolverine: called “the policy potluck”

18:13Wolverine: it is an experiment by which we are attempting to get the liberal party to adopt the organizational construct of anonymous, as best it can

18:13Wolverine: I am working with the leader of the opposition in the senate

18:13Wolverine: and indirectly with justin trudeau on this

18:13Wolverine: none of it is certain to pass

18:13Superman: Spiderman is coming in.

18:13Wolverine: as it’s an experiment

18:13Wolverine: but none the less

18:13Superman: Ok.

18:13Wolverine: my involvement in that

18:13Wolverine: procludes me from being anything othe rthan a security consultant on this

18:14Invisible Woman: nice though 🙂

18:14Wolverine: they would have no choice but to put me to the curb, and I’d have no choice but to understand

18:14Wolverine: so I”m begging all of you to ensure that my name or even references to the fact tha tI exist

18:14Wolverine: even peripherally

18:14Wolverine: is never discussed outside this room

18:14Wolverine: okay egofag mode disengaged and I’m sorry for AWing :P”

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2 Responses to Restraint is Rape Culture: #Anonymous_Canada and #OpJustice4rehtaeh EXPOSED!

  1. Bex says:

    Anonymous Canada and the rest of our readers should know that I specifically went on hiatus at this site in protest of this action. I have absolutely no desire to be involved in this breach of trust. I am NOT currently participating in an AMA – that happened nearly two weeks ago. If it were possible to do without damaging my ability to continue publishing and ruining my marriage, I would completely erase my ownership of this site.

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