#patronage: our first sponsored artist.


As some of our more astute readers may be aware, Obscene Works was recently hacked by Ghost_Gengar and defaced by some punks calling themselves the “BALCK {sp} HAND“.

As we have been bested, we have come to a tripartite accord designed to allow us to continue to publish freely without oversight from overlord. This consists of three conditions mutually ascertained through debate and commerce, namely;

1) The Obscene Works merchandise arm will no longer be known as “owenf’s swag bag”. In recognition of developing market demographics and ontological trends, it is now knows simply as “The Gangst Bank“.

2) The typo in the main logo deface on our landing page will remain, as standing proof that defacers are f’n idiots.

3) Despite having yet to earn any money from this site, we are launching our first patronage program drive. We have sold one book via lulu and one t-shirt via cafepress, with both transactions happening literally years before the current season of #opjustice4rehtaeh nonsense.

Our first patronized artist is Khaliq Burrell of 7414 Vernon Square Drive, Apt. #201, Alexandria, Virginia. Zip code #22306. Khaliq seeks donation of art materials of any kind, especially quality paints, pigments and canvasses. Khaliq has agreed to produce copies of existing paintings, including the image used in the deface, in exchange for useful donations. We are sending him a pile of supplies we have kicking around the head office here, as well as some cash because we know we flossin’.

Here are some images of the pieces available besides the one on the front page:

DSC_0078 DSC_0086-001 DSC_0084-001 DSC_0083-001


As usual, we are accepting paid donations directly in Bitcoin and other nonsense at http://obsceneworks.com/patronage/donations/

If you think I’m a spammer and would rather not support my continued existence on the internet, please donate to a worthy cause like http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/app-camp-for-girls and avoid kickstarter because they are Zionist asshats like Facespook.

#strikenotstrife #artnotart #streetizstreet


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