aaaThis is an article which will explain a little in joke that I hijacked the main page for on the Anti-CISPA day of action,
when everyone put their facebook photos back to goth black, abandoning the red equal-sign meme.

So anyway, back in the 1990s, there was this thing called the internets, and there was lulz. At the time, lulz were being
had by some members of usenet://alt.music.nin and irc://eff.net@#amnin. Specifically, they lulz were being harvested from a pair of #douchecanoes named John Malm and Paul. Yokes, if I give you an account here, will you explain it for the good folks at home?

There’s a habit among people, of late, to co-ordinate their Facebook photos so that they all look the same way at the same time to signify something. Vice magazine shows us a similar thing in the AFK here:

So what does it mean? It means people love to share. So I’m going to start giving away one big file every week, totally
free. I can’t manage to host them all here, so I’ll use the magic of torrents. Look them up on wikipedia. We have a giant
leak from the slush pile weighing in at exactly 666 Mb of .cbr and .cbz files. They are true art.

However, for now, we’re still sort of on #IWW_SOLIDARITY #STRIKE becacuse of #CISPA and #OpRFA. But we’ll get to those soon
enough. For now, y’all need a soundtrack for this revolution. I suggest we turn to the slush pile again. If you ever sent
me a demo, it may have made it into this collection of the best of the rest of the internet. Everyone in this collection
earned it – so if you like their work, go buy them a fuckin’ joint.

The archive is as labeled as possible so you can only dl the album or track that you want or need. I will seed as long as possible, but it will likely be intermittent, so be patient and share as much as you can afford. Let’s fuck this artificial bandwidth drought right in the ear hole.

Spin it up.


The point is that the web has been black like forever, and still nobody cares about the remaining 99.99% of the internet. So go black. Once you go intact, you’ll never go back ;0

– 30 –

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