ObsceneWorks MesoLithic AmeriIndian Calendar 2013


So we’re 8 days into the year of the yellow sun. I suppose that means I should get this year’s non-Gregorian calendar posted. Link is below. Please ask questions in the comments field if you want more info on how to use our calendar.

In summary, the calendar uses a 5 day week to track a 20-day sun-cycle, a 13-day galactic harmonic cycle and a 7-day Gregorian rest cycle (delineated by dots under Latin day numerals on “Saturday”s and dotted-bar-rests under both the Latin day & month numerals on “Sunday”s.

The bottom of each day gives the galactic tone number in mesolithic count (1 bar = 5 dots) while the images for that tone lord are displayed on the left and right of the day box.

The top of the day box displays a colored version of the day’s lord, while the bottom displays as “classic” version of the same sigil.

Each box itself is shaped to indicate its placement in the 5-day week cycle, and had room for you to make notes and plans.

The external margins on each dates page are ideal for longer notes or weekly to-do lists.

October, November and December are marked in the Latin “A,” “B,” & “C,” respectively, because computers only have 9 fingers.

Like all our other product, the calendar is available only as a DRM-free standard format PDF suitable for printing or computer display. It is full color and has more photos than a regular calendar, because there are more months. For higher resolution prints of any of the photos, please contact us.

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