Obscene House-Ad Tuesday: “Stop Drinking Coffee Mug”


This mug is designed to help your friends and loved ones stop partaking excessively in the tea of the fruity bean. Stop enabling degeneracy with cutesy admonitions like  “EVERYONE LOVES THE FUCKING MONDAYS” or “God created grandmothers because mothers couldn’t always be there.”

Instead, put matters where they belong; in their own hands. This mug uses multi-lingual universal symbolism to actively dissuade the user with each new sip.

Right handed model only. When used by a lefty, this cup merely dissuades others from trying to molest your beverage, as the logo points outwards and fends off other zombies craving your sweet, delicious burnt bean juice. It’s dual-purpose!

You can purchase the mug from our web store HERE.

Obscene House-Ad Tuesday will be a regular feature on Obscene works. Everyone has something to sell. “House ad” is a term used by media companies to describe running self promotion in the empty spaces and times for which a paying advertising customer can not be found.

Every week, we will shamelessly promote projects from our conspirators while simultaneously analyzing the best and worst examples of the advertising insanity which has gripped our collective consciousness.

In yesterday’s post, we linked to a Rap News video that illustrates the completely ephemeral nature of modern electoral politics, with its title bout and under-card fight-selling mentality that makes for such horrible television. So today, once you’ve had your coffee, give this wonderful film a watch:

Wasn’t that fun? The use of line, color and shape in advertising is a key component of ensuring that artists are regularly employed. While we here at Obscene Works enjoy the pretense of being artists and attempt to create our own artwork where possible, we could really use a stable of creative types who enjoy getting paid specifically for graphic artistry.

Our last art book is still in a state of legal limbo. If you are reading this, and have an idea for an art book of your own, which you would like to publish without needless corporate oversight, please comment below. We have blank ISBN slots to give you so you can publish fully in your own name and still receive the sinecure of true publication.


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