National Coming Out Day: Boycott the “Undercover Gay Christian”

Today is National Coming Out Day in the US and in honor of this celebration of being open and honest human beings, CNN is running a story about Timothy Kurek, a 26-year-old a straight man who went “undercover” as a gay man in what he refers to as “spiritual espionage.” He’s a supergay spy. No homo.

He lied to his parents and made his mom wish she had cancer (seriously) and 95% of his friends stopped talking to him. Now his “revulsion” at gay people is all worn off! Hooray!

“Now buy my book!”

Do not buy this man’s book.

On National Coming Out Day, use your money to support people telling their real coming out experiences, encouragement, or academic study.

Learn about the history of National Coming Out Day and access great resources about coming out or being an ally at the Human Rights Campaign website.

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