My chat with Barrett Brown

awardThis blog post is about a time I spoke at length with Mr. Barrett Brown, well before he was incarcerated as the voice of anonymous. 

I had just released a press package consisting of three documents (Cover letter, CIA.pdf, Bill.pdf) which related to a privately-funded investigation into IQT, a CIA venture capital front. The investigation led directly to the same shadowy Conservative apparatus responsible for what would become the great Canadian robocall scandal.

Mr. Brown contacted me claiming to want to interview me for Vanity Fair, at the behest of some Anons on Facebook. We managed to arrange only the first telephone interview before he was arrested. During it we talked primarily about the Echelon system and what specific command authority it operates under. Specifically, he disabused me of the notion that it was developed as part of Operation Gladio, stating that it was, in fact, operating exclusively under allied command authority stemming from Operation Overlord. What this means, essentially, is that it’s still D-day in Europe. And everywhere. Every single day.

Beyond that, I have little to add to the current clamoring for his expedited release from jail. I’ve been there, and I don’t want to be dissin’ jail, but jail sucks.

For the record, at the time of my initial release, some journalists thought I was crazy to suggest that the CIA was using robocalls in Canada to push the conservative hegemony. I was actually locked up in a mental hospital for three days, and had to escape from a 4-point restraint bed (which proved my sanity and got me released,) but that’s another story for another day…

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One Response to My chat with Barrett Brown

  1. Faye says:

    Fascinating story! I’ve always been very intrigued by that robocall issue. CIA involvement never occurred to me. Regardless, I don’t feel it received the attention it deserved. It got some attention, yes, but quickly faded into the background as all stories do. I hope Canadians keep it in mind as it was a very illuminating incident… And… Good job escaping that oppressive apparatus!