Frank Names and Shames, for the LUL$

Frank Magazine, flirting with the edge of propriety just as brazenly as Obscene Works, is claiming to have published the names of the accused rapists in the Rehtaeh Parsons case, behind the site’s $54.99 per year online membership paywall.

Safe behind stacks of cash, managing editor Andrew Douglas has no problem chastising Anonymous for their involvement in the first place. Douglas claims that Anonymous has been accusing people willy nilly and still does not know the identities of the four suspects.

He is mistaken.

While initially there were six suspects which Anonymous identified, they were able to confirm the identities of the four accused and clear the names of the other two.  The names and accusations that “live on in cyberspace” can be credited to the family of one of the accused, who decided to publicly defend him on Facebook.

His name and the names of his family are readily available online, thanks to their own actions. Come back tomorrow when we will talk more about the specific interactions this family has had online and discuss the difficulties of reporting on sexual assault and rape culture without naming names.

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