Did B.J. Burke’s Son Rape Rehtaeh?

bj No, no he didn’t. Looks like it’s one of his fans’ sons…

B.J. Burke is a D.J. with Radio Q104 in Nova Scotia. He has a corporate sock puppet Facebook account, no doubt designed to court his fan base.

However, someone’s been posting under the identity Lorin WB with B.J.’s photo on most of his images. Could this be Lorin Brimicombe, Class of 1988, George P Vanier Jr High School Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada?

Posting under this wonderful cloak of internet invisibility, some guy has begun a vicious tirade of threats and accusations in a now-deleted facebook group convened by some other Nova Scotia rape fans. These posts read like a litany of denied privilege. He posts to the group itself “she wasn’t raped,,,she lied” on 11 April at 23:15. It was Seen by 81 and facebook reports that 3 people like this. Next he reveals that he has seen the sex abuse imagery, claiming that “the only “child porn” was of one of the boys….”

Next he outs his son, claiming of Anonymous “they have control of klyes facebook account.” Then he holds a public conversation with one of his daughters, bashing the dead victim. To whit:

“Kayleigh ✩ Ellis Hacking isn’t going to prove anything except the fact that she kept contact with him after everything happened 11 April at 23:41 · 1

Lorin WB ….UNTIL the picture was sent out and she got embarassed…THEN cried rape to try to save face… 11 April at 23:45 · 3”

He further alleges that the current story circulating in the media is untrue, and that the RCMP are not pursuing the case.

“Lorin WB negative danny…theres more to this story than you will find on cbc or online…some of us have lived this already…she wasn’t raped…she lied 18 hours ago Lorin WB anony-Mouse is telling the public exactly what they want to hear – not the truth…..there’s a huge difference. 18 hours ago · 1

Lorin WB 1. She wasn’t raped. 2. The case was thoroughly investigated and closed once the RCMP concluded that she lied. Yesterday at 11:52 · 1”

Another member of the fan group, Chelsea Leither, also names his son, leading to a wonderful family-bonding moment “Yes, kyle has always been a little shit disturber and we’ve had our differences in the past but if there’s one thing I know for truth is that Kyle would never do something like this.. I don’t know the other boys involved so I’m not gonna speak on them but I will say if anything happens to Kyle, his friends, or his family – It won’t be taken lightly by me. People need to back off until the truth really comes out. Friday at 07:37 Seen by 80 2 people like this. Lorin WB …he’ a LOT like his DAD !! Friday at 18:52”

Finally, he has the effrontery to attack a young woman. Like Father, Like Son indeed… lorin-screen

Who's the dad in the background with the open SUV door?

Who’s the dad in the background with the open SUV door?

This is Lorin WB:

Lorin Brimicombe? Where are you?

Lorin Brimicombe? Where are you?

*With files from Dance of Red and Anonymous Canada.

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56 Responses to Did B.J. Burke’s Son Rape Rehtaeh?

  1. Anonymous says:

    @Lorin WB — You’re lucky you’re not getting Doxed yet with those comments. But still possible, watch your FUCKING mouth.

  2. Sonya says:

    I love that Anonymous is keeping tabs on these rapists and the idiots who defend them

  3. Bella says:

    Lorin B should be locked up with his son. If stupidity was a crime, he’d probably get ‘life’.

  4. Shana Beatty says:

    This is fucked up!!! What happened to boys wanting to be men? Not boys hiddig behid daddy’s nut sack!!!!! Anonymous keep it up expose these sick inbred bastards for exactly what they are!!

    • speak the truth says:

      every pretty girl has that 1 hideous friend – you are that one….

      • Lorin is trash says:

        Man, you sure perpetuate bullying. No wonder you are supporting people who bullied someone to death. Rape or not, you are supporting her suicide. Ugly bald fucker.

        • Speak the Truth says:

          nope again..he (or she) is an arsehole with very little consideration for you and your values..you should stop by sometime

  5. Kaylah says:

    WOW!!! These people should be embarrassed of their comments.!!! THESE BOYS RAPED A GIRL AND BECAUSE OF THEIR ACTIONS AND THE HORRIBLE ACTIONS OF RCMP TOOK HER OWN LIFE!!! And they sit here messaging about it like what they did was okay!?!?! CHELSEA LEITHER is saying if something happens to them she wont take it lightly?!?!?! WHAT ABOUT THE POOR GIRL WHO KILLED HERSELF OVER THOSE ACTIONS?!!?!? WE WONT TAKE THAT LIGHTLY! SHE SHOULD BE ASHAMED STICKING UP FOR PEOPLE LIKE THOSE BOYS!

    • speak the truth says:

      actually…that girl undressed and performed oral sex on some of these boys. The rcmp closed the case because they determined that she lied. Her mom drove her crazy perusing the alligations and her boyfriend cheated on her. What SHE did was definitely ok – she could have told the truth. Her mom should not have tried to delete things from her computer to cover her tracks. STUPID STUPID STUPID

      • Speak the Truth says:

        sorry – What SHE did was definitely NOT ok – she could have told the truth. Her mom should not have tried to delete things from her computer to cover her tracks. STUPID STUPID STUPID

      • Lorin is trash says:

        Hey Lorin, it sounds like you took part. Or at least watched. You should be locked up for aiding and abetting sexual harassing kids.

      • jade b says:

        She was raped while inebriated. The picture of the assault was taken while she was vomiting out a window. Someone that drunk can’t consent to sex. So no she never lied. She indeed was raped.

  6. Ken Burke says:

    Considering his on air comments and lack of respect for female the apple doesnt fall far from the tree

    • speak the truth says:

      considering he (she ) posted the truth…..uhh -what was your point again ?

      • Lorin is trash says:

        Hey Lorin, if you were vomiting because you were so drunk, and someone asked you something, could you stop puking to give consent? Quite a talent if you can.

        • jimmy j says:

          was prolly difficult to say anything when you r stripping 2 guys then have a throat full of underaged cock…so I hear..

  7. Bob says:

    These dirt bags have threatened, assaulted and even stabbed one person to keep people quiet. Their friends assert they are “good” and would never do it but read this article and judge for yourself.


    Lorin Brimicombe is not just slandering and defaming a girl his son helped violate to the point of death (essentially murder), he is aiding and abbeting. If he is not charged himself he is very liable for a lawsuit.

    • Bob says:

      After reading this article I have to wonder, was Rethaeh as terrified as she was depressed when she took her life? It is clear these guys felt untouchable. The way they mocked and bragged the friends of their victim does not line up with the image their supporters are trying to create by a long shot.

      Remorseless cruelty and narcissism has marked every confirmed thing they have said, written and done so is it so hard to believe they could be guilty of rape? It would appear that they are also guilty of obstructing justice, threats and a host of other crimes.

      • Linda says:

        Well said!!!!!

      • speak the truth says:

        interesting article…who else did you interview? …only the Parsons’ family? I don’t know where you get your information..but you and your readers are slightly misinformed. Did you know there was a year long investigation? Did you know the police interviewed and harassed these boys without their parents consent or knowledge? Did you know that she was not raped? Did you know that she undressed these boys and performed oral sex on them? Did you know that as she’d pass these boys in school after that party, that she’d say hello to them and randomly text them..until someone started sending the pictures around? Did you know they were all minors and all intoxicated ? Did you know she had 3 separate chances to leave the party? Did you know she chose to stay…and stayed the whole night and into the next day playing X-box ? Did you know the RCMP and the Crown concluded the case when they determined that she lied? Did you know there was 1 threesome and 2 other separate “encounters ” ? I will have to assume by your article that the main answer to most/all of my questions would have to be no.

        • Lorin is trash says:

          Hopefully you and Kyle are labelled as rapists/sexual predators for the rest of your life. Your son will never get past this.

        • Rob says:

          Your claims do not match those of one of the accused or another that was there that night. You are lying.

          You also completely ignores the vicious and criminal acts of spreading child porn in a way that was meant to cause deep harm and played a significant role in her death.

    • NanAnon says:


      This is a youtube page with 3 videos uploaded by one of the alleged rapists. These videos show alleged ‘people’ beating the crap out of other people. Ambushing them, sucker punching them. One of the girl aggressors in the fight vids looks alot like te sister of the rapist who uploaded it. The vids were uploaded 11 months ago and are pretty violent. Was/ Is there a campaign in place by the alleged rapists to make sure witnesses keep their alleged mouths shut?

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  9. brian says:

    what a doche bag. can now understand why some boys might do shit like this,with parents like that.

  10. Bob says:

    One of the boys sisters has asserted their brother did nothing wrong. Lorin has also done this. Friends and supporters of the boys are trying to claim there are “two sides” but that is false. Whether Rahtaeh was actually raped or had her memory impaired from the alcohol and was unaware of her apparent consent (still assault in many peoples eyes), there is only one truth.

    That truth is those boys used the picture or pictures they took to degrade and dehumanize a 15 year old girl. They wanted to humiliate her in front of everyone they and she knew. They bragged about it. They were proud of it and their cruelty. They wanted to destroy her in the most public manner they could and did it in front of countless witnesses to encourage others to help them do it.

    To borrow a sentiment from the parents of Audrie Potts, a girl is dead and without their malicious and intentional actions she would still be alive. Their supporters have tried to assert that they are good people. This girl is dead because of these boys and instead of holding them responsible for their actions as parents and family should, they are telling these boys and the world that “they did nothing wrong.”(direct quote) With influences like that in their lives, is it any surprise the did what they did, have shown no remorse about it or that they have been accused of threatening, assaulting and intimidating others to keep them quiet?

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  12. NanAnon says:


    And they’ve nicely compiled a list of rapists and pro-rapists here.

    • Speak the Truth says:

      uhhh…wrong again jerkstain. That’s a list of NON-small minded folks who are sons, daughters, parents, neighbors, sisters and brothers who know more than the BS that you read in the papers and saw on the TV and were willing to speak up and / or show their support, online.

      • Lorin is trash says:

        They show their support online because they are afraid to do it anywhere else. I haven’t seen Lorin’s fat ass or slutty little Latisha on CBC, or News 95.7, or CTV, or Global, etc. You are afraid and your computers are your protection. I hope you deal with this issue for the rest of your life.

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  14. tired of the b.s. says:

    Needs in Eastern passage is where Latisha and the Mother ( Ann ) both work. Go dowwn and see their attitude. Rude to everyone.

    • you is ignant ! says:

      thanks and have a nice day…yeah – that sure is rude….ya fucktard !

    • jimmy j says:

      probably just to you cuz youre such a fukkking idiot. Identify yourself the next time you go – let me know where that gets you..they are awesome down there in the passage. don’t believe everything you hear from cbc….

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  16. Hank says:

    A horrible story – if were true. Leah & Glenn wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them in the face..

  17. blogger says:

    I found it most interesting that some of the rapists’ supporters said ‘what of the other suicides and deaths’.
    There is definitely more going on here than meets the eye, as criticism of rape slogans at universities in that same area (and many other places in Canada, and the world, etc) have shown.

    The rapists supporters continue to say the ‘media is lying’, and yet it seems they do not seem to realize how they too are a product of this media, that is influencing them, and the rest of the world. We all live in our own ‘filter bubbles’, unaware of others’ lies an experiences to some extent. The media of today allows people to select what they choose to absorb and surround themselves with, and inevitably, that is what they become.

    So now, these dark behaviours are out of your little closets and community, and into the light.
    You see not everyone thinks the way you do, or thinks these behaviours are ok.
    Many people in the military do many bad things; which they feel is ok when everyone around them does it, but when they leave, they realize how wrong it is, and have noone they can talk to about their shame often times. And often these young, sometimes foolish, or simply manipulated young men, take their own lives.

    When people are truly ignorant, because they don’t know any different, then perhaps there is some excuse.
    Now you are not ignorant. Do you choose to repeat what happened with Rehtaeh again, with full knowledge and awareness of the consequences?
    Or do you choose to face your own shame and guilt, take responsibility, and choose a new direction? To heal the wounds, and learn from the mistakes, and not repeat them?

    Whoever is right or wrong, whether you believe in God, or Karma, or just the natural tendency for the consequences of peoples’ actions, when they are negative and hurtful, to sow the same for themselves… you will be judged. Seek redemption in this life while you can. Few people get such generous, merciful second chances. Rehtaeh didn’t. Be grateful, and escape from this damaging mindset and culture while there is will and public attention that can help shift things for the better.

    And Lorin, if you are so excited to fight every single person who disagrees with your ‘rape is ok and fun, especially in your house while you watch’ attitude, why don’t you publish where you live for everyone. I’m sure people will be happy to hear your account, if you feel like giving the details. And if you get yourself drunk, be sure to give your consent first, so they know if they have their way with you, that is it not rape. Maybe even video giving your consent to be fucked in all imaginable ways on video put on the internet before you get drunk or drugged up, now that so many people are confused about what is consent or not, and people might go to the police. or something.

    Let people teach you what right relationship is, instead of threatening them, and inviting them to ‘come after you, because you’re not afraid’ etc, and maybe this can become something that turns the community around in a good way for everyone, instead of the jerks who bully everyone ruining it for the whole community.

    Better community and relationships are possible, and once you’ve experienced them, you won’t even be able to imagine going back. In fact, it will probably hurt a lot every time you see people still doing this kind of crap.
    Good luck. With God’s help I’m sure you can turn things around; and if that is not what you choose to do, may God have mercy on your souls, and be gentle as possible with you in however many lifetimes it takes you to learn this lesson. And I thank God for letting me learn this lesson through other people’s stories and the internet, rather than being in the unenviable position of being at either end of this sad situation.