Copypasta Tuesday: #fired


Re: #OpJustice4Rehtaeh
To whom it may concern,

My name is Owen Alastair Ferguson and I am an independent, crowd-funded journalist. I co-publish the website, which was recently attacked by anonymous actors.

As a result, I have been removed from the Obscene Works’ Facebook page and have had my editorial privileges on this site revoked. This has damaged my income, as I exist only when I can communicate with my market. So, in order to raise funds, I am listing a few dead-tree copies of my various books for fast auction sale on eBay. They can be yours by the end of the week. All purchases are tax free anywhere in Canada, the USA or whatever. Flat rate s&h $15. If you believe in the concept of community-sustained journalism, please go bid now, or send some bitcoin our way at 1FUTGkw7GS8a82j3ens6TCvMtYLpgvTiuw

Glad I’m on #strike and won’t be needing them anymore.



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