A #CRACK in the #PAYWALL: Can you a#FORD to name-and-shame Rehtaeh’s Rapists?


Now, as some of you readers are aware, Obscene Works recently came into possession of the hotly-desired names of the four teenage boys who raped Rehtaeh Parsons to death. We came across this information completely by accident and so thought, at the time, that there was no profit to be had from publishing the names so that the boys could be shamed for the remainder of their days. That might appeal to some folks’ desires for justice, but it just didn’t seem lulzy enough. So we released Anonymous Canada’s chat logs instead, with all the information about the boys’ names redacted. Because fuck those guys (and gals.)

Now, however, it seems that the Gawker media hegemony has lowered the bar for citizen-sponsored journalism, launching a crowd-funded effort to pay crack dealers for a video of Toronto’s mayor. We want to welcome them to #thenewscrum in the proper manner, so we’ve decided to temporarily forgo our usual policy of releasing every single document on our site completely free.

We have decided to give Jezebel, Warren Kinsella and all you other angry bitches a chance to put your money where your internet-hactivist mouth is.

You heard it here first: We are now releasing the entire UNREDACTED chat logs. The catch is that you have to pay for them. Because apparently that’s how journalism works in the new millennium. Who are we to argue?

So, here you go. If you really want to get the names of these four young men, all you have to do is pony up $1000. Maybe FRANK magazine and their paywall model were correct all along. The only difference here is that you actually get what you pay for.

Also, please note that we are offering you 2 different ways to buy this file: exclusively or non-exclusively. This seems to be how the media has decided to operate. So: You can buy the file itself for $1000. This option is open to anybody and is unlimited. Or you can buy the file for $50,000 and get exclusive rights to it. As soon as anyone buys the file for $50,000, all option for anyone else to buy the file (for either price) will be removed. So if your media empire wants an exclusive, go get your #rapestarter on, or else talk to management about why your paper/TV show/magazine should front the money to keep this D-notice up, like a good corporate citizen. Or, conversely, why they ought to buy the exclusive rights now so they can have all the noteriety of doing the name-and-shame. I’m looking at you, Jezebel…

Use the link below to make your purchase. If you would like to take advantage of our exclusivity agreement, simply change the price from 1K to 50K before checking out.


EDIT: PayPal is the fastest way to make this happen, but we are open to other forms of payment, job offers or other interesting trades, as per your corporate needs. Contact us directly via email for details.

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