My lack of dialog with Warren Kinsella

wEDIT: 11/18/2014 The link in this posts now leads to a “content not found” page on Warren’s site. I presume this is because he deleted it after I sent him a link to this story, in which he got precisely what he demanded. Anyway, his original blog post is an integral part of my own narrative, so I’ve included a complete cache of it, with all its contents,  here.


Original story:

Earlier today, I commented on a post by Warren Kinsella, suggesting that maybe he shouldn’t be beseeching nameless teenagers to commit random acts of vengeance on his behalf, while keeping his own hands clean. I though nothing more of it, until I became party to the following email exchange:

Joe O’Neill
12:14 PM (4 hours ago)
to me
I see you’ve run afoul of the gweat and tewwible Wahwen Kinswella.
That’s a mark of honour.

You might want to ask him how he can find so much compassion for this girl, while having none at all for the unborn children whose slaughter he enthusiastically supports in the name of political interest.

Owen Ferguson <>
2:27 PM (2 hours ago)

to Joe
Weird. I have 10 inbound page views from his site, but my comment is nowhere to be found. Did he approve my comment, allow it to stand for a while, and then delete it? Or did he just have 10 different staffers visit my site before deciding to not allow my post. Whatever. He’s a dick. How did you come to find out I’d posted a comment that didn’t make it to the front page?

Joe O’Neill
2:47 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
It was up for a short time.

It said something like “I don’t care about the girl and I’m a worthless piece of garbage, contact me at…”

He does that from time to time when someone’s sent a comment that he doesn’t like.

Warren is a somewhat troubled certainly deeply morally compromised individual.

I used to try to engage him in debate, and he entertained that for awhile, but then it became embarrassing for him to be unable to be able to adequately answer me, and so now I am banished.

Same think happened to a guy named Gord Tulk.

Owen Ferguson <>
4:36 PM (2 minutes ago)

to Joe

Thanks for the heads up,


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6 Responses to My lack of dialog with Warren Kinsella

  1. BexvanKoot says:

    What was your specific complaint about his article? The only “vengeance” I see him calling for is the naming of the rapists. Is this something to which you are opposed? I understand if it is, since they are underage as well, but I don’t think that naming them and having charges pressed in the rape and child pornography crimes constitutes “revenge” in this case.

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